The Candid Frame #131 - Jerod Foster

Jerod Foster is a Texas-based magazine/editorial and travel photographer. His photographic efforts focus on environmental portraiture and natural history, where he is able to devote visual resources to telling individual stories through the photographic medium and multimedia concerted projects. His background growing up in rural ranch country partially inspires him to seek through stories out among his surrounding cultural environment. He is also the author of Storytellers: A Photographer's Guide to Developing Themes  and Creating Stories with Pictures. You can discover more about Jerod and his work by visiting his website and his blog.

Jerod Foster recommends the work of Jim Richardson.

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The Candid Frame #95 - Diego James Robles

Diego James Robles is a photojournalist who has recently launched his career as a staff photographer at the Denver Post. He discovered photography while in the Army and serving in Kosovo where he was in infantry. He newly discovered passion for photography led him to attend Ohio University where he recently graduated from the School of Visual Communication. You can discover more of his work by visiting his website.

Diego James Robles recommends the work of Peter Hoffman.

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