The Candid Frame #141 - Lauri Lyons

Lauri Lyons is  a photographer who's photographic range has enabled her to shoot celebrity portraits, ad campaigns and documentaries. She has worked in Africa, Australia, Brazil, Europe, Mexico and the United States. Her photographs have appeared in such publications as The London Observer, Stern, The Fader and Art Forum. She is the first Black woman to shoot the cover of Fortune magazine.
Lauri is the author of two acclaimed books; Flag:An American Story (2001) and Flag International (2008). She was the commissioned portrait photographer for the book INSPIRATION: Portraits of Black Women Changing Our World (2012).
Lauri is the Publisher & Editor in Chief of the online publication Nomads Magazine. She is also a contributing writer for The Huffington Post and her essays have also appeared in The Wall Street and U.S.A You can find out more about Lauri and his work by visiting her website
Lauri Lyons  recommends the work of Ernesto Bazan.

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