The Candid Frame #126 - Russell Brown

Russell Preston Brown is a photographer who holds the unique position of educating photographers everywhere in the use of Photoshop. In his role as Senior Creative Director at Adobe, he has helped to teach people on the many creative possibilities available in this image-editing software. But it’s his role as guest-curator for the new exhibit, Digital Darkroom, which opens in December 2011 at the Annenberg Space for Photography that has inspired this conversation about an exceptional exhibit of photography. You can out more about the exhibit by visiting the Annenberg Space for Photography website. You can find out even more about Russell Brown and his work by visiting his website.

Russell Brown recommends the work of Scott Martin.

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The Candid Frame #103 - Jo Ann Santangelo

Jo Ann Santangelo is a documentary photographer whose career with a camera began as a pedi-cab driver in Austin, Texas. While studying at the International Center of Photography, she began a project documenting veterans impacted by the United State's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy. She has recently finished traveling across the country where she created a series of portraits with these veterans. Her documentary projects revolve around community and putting faces and revealing the stories of the parts of our communities that many of us do not or choose not to see. You can discover more about her work by visiting her website.

If you are listening to this show during the week of November 7th and are in the New York area, you can catch the opening of her exhibition Proud to Serve on November 11, 2010. Click here for details.

Jo Ann Santangelo recommends the work of Darcy Padilla.

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The Candid Frame #69 - Miriam Romais

Miriam Romais is the executive director of En Foco, a non profit organization that supports contemporary fine art and documentary photographers of Latino, African, Asian and Native American descent. It was started 35 years ago in the Bronx by a group of Puerto Rican photographers to serve as as outlet for work that was being too easily overlooked by mainstream art world.

As well as her work with En Foco, Miriam is also a photographer and curator. Her own work has been published and exhibited in numerous galleries and museums throughout the country. Some of her work has focused on her other passion, motorcycling. You can view her work by visiting her website.

Miriam Romais recommend the work of Alejandro Chaskielberg.

View a free PDF copy of En Foco's magazine, Nueva Luz by clicking here.

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