The Candid Frame #165 - Jacquelyn Martin

Jacquelyn Martin (b. 1979) is a staff photojournalist with the Associated Press, Washington DC bureau, where she covers a diverse range of topics from the President and Congress to the National Spelling Bee and the occupy movement. Fluent in Spanish, she has a passion for covering immigration issues. Born in Syracuse, NY, she graduated with honors in 2001 from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

 Her work has been honored with awards from the White House News Photographer’s Association, NPPA, and the Women Photojournalists of Washington (WPOW). She has served WPOW, a non-profit that educates the public about the work of female photojournalists, as both secretary and vice president. When not on assignment for the AP she can be found around the world working on personal projects, or salsa dancing. 

Jacquelyn’s work can be seen via twitter @jacquelyn_m and on her website.

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 Jacquelyn recommends "The Image, Deconstructed", a blog that examines the mental approach behind image making  and the work of the blog's founder, Ross Taylor. She also suggest the work of Amanda Lucidon, particularly her project, Legal Stranger.

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