Announcement: Listener Profiles on TCF


As part of our expansion of what we're doing with The Candid Frame, we are going to begin including postings which we call Listener Profiles. It will provide us an opportunity to share the work of the talented photographers who listen to TCF, but who may or may not have had a chance to be interviewed on the show. 

With these we will be including a portfolio of up to 10 images from each photographer with their responses to a few questions about themselves and their work. 

We will be reaching out to some photographers whose work we have been noticing here on Google+, Facebook  and on The Candid Frame Flickr group as part of our initial launch of this new feature. 

If you are interested, please feel free to post an album of your work on your Flickr account, Google+, Facebook page or online gallery. We am not looking to see all that you've done, but rather a tight edit of no more than 10 images that you believe best represents your work and where you are with your photography today. 

It's our hope that this new addition to  TCF will help people discover more great photographers, some of whom may be in their own backyard. Most importantly, it will help us to further build a community which shares a mutual passion for making photographs. 

We welcome your contributions. 

You can e-mail us your links or questions to

Please note that we will not accept images as e-mail attachments.